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    When the winds of change blow, it´s time to build windmills
    Nadir has been founded in the time of greatest adversity of the 21st century. What lies ahead is improvement.
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    Sustainable development is more than just ensure the preservation of the planet and its resources
    It is also to promote innovation, productivity, engagement and profitability.

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About us

  1. Human resources

    NADIR has a highly qualified team of experts, whose objective is to offer a full range of services within the Geomatic and Topographic field.

  2. Values

    The values ​​that sustain the quality of our services are: commitment, professionalism, technological capacity and customer support.

  3. Objectives

    Provide rapid and effective solutions and be recognized as one of the best companies in Geomatics and Surveying Spain for its technological and human capacity, and becoming an international benchmark.