• Topography

    NADIR has a group of professionals with extensive experience in the following areas:
    - Full topographical and conventional cartographic surveys (GNSS and TPS)
    - Full topographical surveys with scanner
    - Full topographical surveys of linear works using Mobile Mapping System
    - Full photogrammetrical surveys using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
    - Topographic networks: implementation, observation, calculation and adjustment
    - Precise levelling surveys
    - Site topography settings, stakeouts and calculation of measurements
    - Reparcelling projects
    - Urban and rural inventories

  • Mobile Mapping System

    NADIR carries out topographical surveys using MMS (Mobile Mapping System)
    By using this system we can achieve:
    - A three-dimensional and geo-referenced digital model captured by a dynamic scanner.
    - Geo-referenced photographic information.
    This measuring system is ideal for:
    - Carrying out urban and interurban inventories
    - Carrying out rd and raiay inspecon.
    - Establishing the initial and end state of construction works.
    - Follow the earth moving of construction works.

  • 3D laser scanner

    NADIR carries out topographical suweys by using 3D laser scanners. Using this technology achieves:
    - A high resolution three-dimensional digital model.
    - An orthoimage ofthe surveyed area or rectified images ofthe scanned object.

  • Technical office

    NADIR has a Technical Oce Department, where as well as in-house services it oers technical services for clients such as:
    - Technical support.
    - Outsourcing of technically qualified personal.
    - Calculation and adjustment of topographical networks.
    - Digitalisation of civil works projects using Clip adn Istram-Ispol programmes.
    - Project review.
    - Works supervision.
    - Urban and interurban inventory.
    - Drafting of modified and complementary projects.
    - Training in the use of office and field software.

  • Civil works

    NADIR's team has extensive experience in the following areas: roads, railways (both conventional and high speed), ports, airports, maritime, hydraulic, housing and other buildings with the following personnel:
    - Highly qualified topography managers.
    - Field topographers with extensive experience.
    - State-of-the-art topography equipment for grounds works, structures and tunnel construction such as:
    - Topographic total stations.
    - Optical and digital high precision measuring instruments.
    - GNSS receptors.
    - 3D systems for machinery control.

  • U.A.V. Unmanned aerial vehicle

    NADIR carries out aerophotogrammetric surveys by using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Using this gystem is ideal for:
    - A three-dimensional terrain model obtained georeferenced digital photogrammetry.
    - An orthoimage of the survey area.